Liberty Dollar of Chambersburg

Your Solution To A Depreciating Dollar

The Silver Liberty Dollar is the ultimate business referral currency, and it's helping revitalize small towns all across America.  It's REAL money, lawful & constitutional, unlike "legal tender" Federal Reserve Notes (so-called dollars) that are not lawful money, and are no longer redeemable in lawful money (silver or gold).  

If you own a business, as a "Liberty Merchant" you will profit by using "Silver Libertys," and consumers will seek you out.  You'll have a listing on the merchants page of this website and be listed in the Merchant Directory of Southcentral Pennsylvania found on many countertops across the region.  And be sure to get your free national listing by signing up here.  You'll discover that Liberty Merchants patronize other Liberty Merchants, and refer customers to each other. 

In short, being a Liberty Merchant is free advertising.  It's a great way to publicize your business, and increase your profits and volume.    

Only 20 cents of every dollar spent at a chain store stays in the community. . .

60 cents of every dollar spent at a "local" business goes directly back into the community. . .

While 99% of LIBERTY DOLLARS stay in the community where they are spent! 

More About The Liberty Dollar

The "Silver Liberty Dollar" is the fastest growing currency in America.  Unlike the familiar Federal Reserve Note which, according to the Treasury, "has no lawful value" and barely any intrinsic value, Silver Liberty Dollars are pure silver with a high intrinsic value. 

Forty years ago an ounce of silver bought 4 gallons of gasoline.  It still does today!  On the other hand, the paper dollar that used to buy 4 gallons of gasoline, barely buys half a gallon today.  Doesn't it make sense to have an inflation-proof currency that maintains its value?  The truth is, prices really aren't going up, it's the value of the U.S. paper dollar that's going down. 

The "Silver Liberty" is . . .

  • Fun
  • Good for your community and good for America
  • Profitable--you profit by exchanging some of your US Dollars for Silver Liberty Dollars.  Make change with those "Silver Libertys," spend them, or hang on to them.

Please call (717) 375-2560, or e-mail us with any questions you may have about "Silver Libertys."

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