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READ THE SPECIAL MESSAGE BELOW BEFORE BUYING!!  You'll enjoy the book even more knowing it's the "REAL DEAL" written by someone who was on the "inside."

MESSAGE FROM THE AUTHOR:  This printing of DUPED: A story of deception and concealment contains this special insert so that you will better understand why you should take this book VERY seriously.  Like so many novels, its content is based on fact.  Although the story is "fictional,"and, although originally written in 2003 and published in June of 2004, events since then have unfolded eerily close to the storyline.  The "future" scenario presented in "DUPED" has arrived... we are living it now, and I expect conditions to get worse before they get better.

The scariest things in the book have not yet occurred such as Martial Law and mass assassinations of dissident US citizens.  "Dissidents" are those who want to keep their guns, believe in the US Constitution, and are outspoken about all the government's unconstitutional activities (done in the name of protecting us, of course!).  Even without Martial Law, the Obama Administration has admitted they have labeled certain US citizens as "domestic terrorists" and "enemy combatants," and had some of them "eliminated" without charges, trial or conviction.  Mass riots, food and gas shortages are not far off.  The fiat monetary system this country has operated under since 1913 when a cartel of 12 PRIVATE banks were formed and called the FEDERAL RESERVE is at the heart of today's problems.

The characters in "DUPED" are based on men and women I've known.  In some cases real names are used such as C. Douglas Dillon (Secretary of Treasury under Presidents Johnson and Kennedy) whom I personally knew.  I also had the pleasure of working with both JFK's pilot, and the navigator for AIR FORCE ONE.  I worked for the DC investment banker that bankrolled some of Audie Murphy's (World War II's most decorated veteran) Hollywood movies.  The characters in the book such as Paul Babson, Andy Phelan, Steve Powhaski, logger Dave, etc. are all real people (or composites) whose names I've changed to protect their privacy.

Other personalities I knew aren't necessarily characters in the book, but had a profound influence on the story.  One of them was the infamous Bobby Baker and his close ties to president Lyndon B. Johnson and Billy Sol Estes.  Sex and blackmail were as commonplace then as now.  Bobby Baker had a very corrupt relationship with LBJ, and is believed by many to have links to the assassinaton of President John F. Kennedy.  I met Bobby Baker at a party.  More info on Bobby at

They were fun years for me working as a stockbroker/investment banker in DC in the sixties and seventies.  The I-270 Corridor was dotted with companies I helped underwrite, and it was a time in which I learned who was REALLY running the country.  I made markets in many small companies listed in the "pink sheets."  Those were the days before NASDAQ and instant quotes.

The following press release is an exact copy of the original release put out by the publisher, Xlibris Corporation.  Once you've read the book, I guarantee you'll never look at your life the same way again.  --Peter Hallock


Duped: What You Don't Know Can Kill You
New Novel Exposes the Truth Behind Money and Political Power in America

Marion, PA – (Release Date TBD) – Forearmed is forewarned. This, above all else, was Peter Hallock’s operating principle when he decided to write Duped, an utterly provocative new novel that dares to go where angels fear to tread. It tells a fictional story of five men who, in their attempt to change the United States monetary system, discover the sinister plan the president has for America, the deception about the true nature of Federal Reserve Notes, and the concealment of the status of U.S. gold reserves.

The main characters’ plan, relatively simple at first, turns into an incredible odyssey marked by intrigue, betrayal, and murder. Early on, the information they innocently receive makes them targets for termination, and they are quickly ensnared in a high stakes race against the clock, becoming trapped in a life and death struggle for the truth. Their friends and allies are ready to help, but their enemies are intent on seeing them dead.

The book paints a picture of what can happen when constitutional restraints are ignored and too much power resides in the hands of one man—the president. Most importantly, it reveals why United States currency is not real money and why it will eventually become worthless, a thesis supported by the Treasury letters presented in the book which, in actuality, do exist. Duped, with its fearless forays into a dark monetary conspiracy and its remarkable resolve to expose the truth, becomes a literary tour de force of monumental proportions.

About the Author
Peter Hallock has had an interest in monetary affairs and writing since the early seventies. He began an early career in sales, quickly moving on to the securities industry where he spent many years working in Washington, DC. Throughout most of the eighties and into the 1990s, he owned and operated Hallock Forest Products, as a Pennsylvania contract logging business. Since l993 he has been involved in commodity futures trading. Born on Long Island, New York, Hallock received his bachelor’s degree from Penn State University, and currently lives with his wife in southern Pennsylvania, close to the Mason Dixon Line.

Book Description

A Review on
5.0 out of 5 stars Exciting, High Octane Political Thriller, August 29, 2009

"Written 6 years ago as a novel, "DUPED" is like a prophecy of the events we're experiencing today. Some of the story's events have not yet happened, and I hope they never do!

DUPED cuts through the government's propaganda to expose the FED's counterfeit money and their on-going power grab. At the end of the book, America is not the country we once knew. This powerful novel tells a story of America in turmoil, its economy in a state of collapse, and a rogue US President intent on murdering multitudes of US citizens. The President's murderous plans are code-named "Operation Red Roundup." It's all part of a larger, treasonous plan to replace the dollar with a multinational currency to move us one step closer to a New World Order under international rule.

The book's characters are engaged in a life and death struggle amidst civil unrest with record bankruptcies and high unemployment. If this sounds like your evening news, I will tell you that many of the incidents in the book are VERY disturbing and, in light of recent events, are downright frightening! If you are the least bit concerned with the direction America is headed, you'd better put DUPED on your reading list, then run for cover."

Can You Really Afford Not To Know?

Maybe you've wondered about our nation's long standing open border policy. Perhaps you've heard about President Bush's recent meeting with his Canadian and Mexican counterparts and their plan to merge the 3 countries into a new North American Union.  Or maybe you've noticed how much purchasing power the U.S. Dollar has lost recently (energy, housing, health care, etc. etc.).  Why did we really go to Iraq?

"Duped" takes you on a scary journey that will boggle your mind.  Here are just a few of the reader comments:

                                         "A truly excellent read!"
                                         "I had considerable difficulty putting it down."
                                         "...very tight and concise, well written dialogue."
                                         "...a wonderfully written, complicated murder mystery..."
                                         "The book is so good it should be made into a movie."

"A look into America's possible future, DUPED is a fictional story of intrigue, 
 betrayal, and murder centering around America's fiat currency and its
 eventual failure." 
-- As advertised in ForeWord Magazine

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