Liberty Dollar of Chambersburg

Your Solution To A Depreciating Dollar

Liberty Dollar of Chambersburg is dedicated to returning America to value, one Silver Liberty Dollar at a time.  We want you to benefit from a value backed currency, just the way we used to when our elected officials adhered to the U.S. Constitution and a monetary system of "just weights and measures."  Liberty Dollar of Chambersburg offers you the opportunity to exchange some of your non-redeemable U.S. paper dollars for your very own Silver Liberty Dollars, a private, voluntary, barter currency (PVBC) that's 100% .999 fine silver.

Hi, I'm Pete Hallock, and I started Liberty Dollar of Chambersburg because Americans, including me, are being ripped off by a fiat money system that continually steals our purchasing power.  I've studied the system for over 30 years and believe that, without remedial action, a monetary collapse is inevitable.  The fact is, it has already started.  In all of history, no fiat monetary system has ever endured.  If you want to know the dollar's, and your possible fate in the very near future, please read my book DUPED: A story of deception and concealment.  For additional information click here.  You may also call the publisher, Xlibris, toll free at 1-888-795-4274 to order.

If you own a business, you can use our "Silver Libertys" to increase your sales and profitability by being a part of our Liberty Merchant Network.  We know how difficult it is to compete with America's corporate giants.  Our simple program will help you pull customers away from THEM into YOUR establishment, and keep them coming back.  The best part is that they'll be telling their friends and relatives about you.  If you're not competing with the big corporates or big box retailers, but just want to increase your cash flow and profits (whether retail or commercial), our program works for you too.  Call us at (717) 375-2560 for the details.

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