Liberty Dollar of Chambersburg

Your Solution To A Depreciating Dollar

IT'S SUPERIOR:  The Silver Liberty Dollar is REAL money... real silver.  Unlike Federal Reserve Notes (U.S. so-called "Dollars"), using the Liberty Dollar does not cause our national debt to go up.    
     As Fed Notes continue to depreciate resulting in increased prices for gold, silver and other commodities, the face value of Liberty Dollars is increased proportionately.  These strategically planned periodic "revaluations" are in response to the chronic, persistent erosion of Fed Notes, and insure that the "Silver Liberty" will retain its purchasing power and stay in circulation alongside the Fed's money.     

IT'S VOLUNTARY:  Use of the Silver Liberty Dollar is legal and completely voluntary.  That means some businesses, including your bank, may not use it, but many other businesses do.  It's designed to circulate freely in your community as the ultimate business referral currency, not be whisked away to some distant bank or corporate headquarters!  Currently, there are over 100,000 concerned Americans using Silver Libertys.

IT'S GOOD FOR LOCAL COMMUNITIES:  Silver Libertys that are spent in a community tend to stay in that community.  They help local economies thrive, even in recession.

IT'S PROFITABLE:  Get Silver Libertys at a discount and put them into circulation at face value.  The Silver Liberty Dollar Solution is Simple: STOP using "their" money. Start using the Silver Liberty. 

IT'S EDUCATIONAL:  The Liberty Dollar teaches people about money.  The more people know about money, the more everyone benefits.

IT'S FAIR:  You know what you're getting when you hold the Silver Liberty.  That's what we should expect from Federal Reserve Notes, but we're not getting it.

IT'S MORAL, LEGAL, HONEST MONEY:  Silver has been used as money worldwide for thousands of years.  There's a reason:  silver has intrinsic value and is fair to the customer, merchant, and country.  It's essential for a monetary system of "just weights and measures."  All of us can appreciate the biblical law of just weights and measures that commands justice in all economic transactions.  Old Testament Scripture Lev. 19:35-36; Deut. 25:13-16; Prov. 11:1; 16:11; 20:10, 23 attests to this. 


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